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ERS(Environmental Recycling System)
High speed fermentation and drying processing

Using indigenious microbes living where ERS is installed, ERS sterilizes, ferments, and dries many different types of waste wihin 24 hours.
The output matter through the ERS processing becomes well dried and odorless fuel, fertilizer, feed, and livestock litter.
ERS greatly expedites creating a net zero emissions society.


RESOURCE Waste recycling system using ERS

Wastes can be valuable resources. MSW, used diapers, human excrement, sewage sludge, livestock excretion, agricultures waste, food residue, discarded packaged food, construction waste, scrap wood, cut grass- all these wastes can be valuable resources by ERS without just being discarded.


RECYCLE Creation of resource recycling society

It is necessary for us to use the limited resources efficiently without wasting them. ERS enhances environmental efficiency by creating energy from wastes and contributes to structuring a recycling community.